Jinshang bridges high-tech SMEs to innovative industry players in Asia

Who We are

Jinshang is a company founded in 2008, focusing on bringing unique solutions developed from high-technology SMEs to Asian industrial players. 

Its founder has spent more than 20 years in China and Taiwan, managing high-technology companies’ branch offices and developing businesses all around Asia. He owns a Master in Aerospace Engineering from ISAE-Supaero, a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD and Tsinghua University, and speaks English, French and Chinese.

My past experience made me understand the challenges SMEs face when making business in Asia, as well as the unique value those can bring to industry players in Asia - thus the idea of bridging these two together.

Jinshang employees and partners have been selected from their technical expertise, industry exposure, customer knowledge and shared common values: ethics, long-term commitment, innovation and environment awareness.

Cyrille Gosset
Founder and Owner


Jinshang Limited is founded and registered in Hong Kong.

Jinshang starts consulting for a semiconductor equipment maker for their business development in Asia.

Jinshang enters into consulting for a flat panel display solution provider to develop their business in Taiwan.

Jinshang opens a regional office in Taipei to develop its business activities and coordination around Asia, and starts hiring local staff to support its customers.

Jinshang starts to distribute products in Taiwan and Greater China area for Flat Panel Display industry.

Jinshang ensures business development and distributorship for metrology solutions in various industries around Asia.

Jinshang ensure business development in Asia for nuclear research centres and defence metrology solutions.

Jinshang starts promoting new solar cell manufacturing equipment in Asia for a European supplier.

Our strenghts

Reliable Partnership

We act as your official company representative, sharing the same interests and same objectives as your own executive's.

Technology Expertise

Our staff has the capability to act as your technical & marketing professional and be a credible and valuable interface with local customers.

Global Coverage

We work with a wide network of partners offering you coverage in most of East Asia, close to your customers. Our regional office in Taipei, at the heart of Asia, allows to reach all major destinations in a quick flight.

East & West Cultural Knowledge

We understand the cultural gaps between Asia and the West and are able to answer the different expectations from suppliers and customers in their business relationship.

Our Values

Business Ethics

Jinshang values ethics at the highest level: Trust is the fundamental basis of our customer relationship, and "no deal is always better than a sloppy deal".

Long-Term Perspective

Our commitment to customer is based on a long-term vision. We never jeopardise a relationship for short-term benefit.


Jinshang focuses on innovative solutions to bring value to its customers. Research of innovation means continuous technical learning and deep understanding of customer needs.

Environmental Awareness

We promote solutions that minimise waste and maximise energy efficiency. However, because of frequent traveling due to our business nature, our carbon footprint is large. Thus, we strive to minimise our global footprint by reducing the travel frequency from our corporate partners, relying more on local partners, implementing home-office and using public transportation when available.


Jinshang (pinyin: Jìnshāng – pronounced: Tjin-shang) is a Chinese word meaning the Shanxi Merchants. These businessmen did great achievements in building a commercial culture in China and developed a huge regional influence for more 500 years in and out of China.

Shanxi merchants were precursors in building international business at a time when no regulation existed. They did set-up the first commercial banking system to support their business needs, and implemented a management system based on loyalty and honesty, which were essential values to keeping stable commercial network within large areas: Limited liability, joint management, profit sharing, frugality, fair competition, … were important rules and principles established by Shanxi merchants that allowed them to flourish during such a long period of time. 

First Draft bank in Pingyao, Shanxi, China


Jin Shang (Chinese characters)