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Jinshang distributes innovative solutions that bring high value to our customers:
improved product performance, higher manufacturing yield, increased development capability for future products…
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PRoduct Support

Jinshang provides unique local product support expertise, close to our customers.

Technical Specification

Our local staff has complete knowledge of the configuration, capability and performance of our solutions, and the expertise to confirm the suitability to your needs.

Product Demonstration

We can demonstrate the performance of our solution on your product samples: we provide either local on-site demonstration at your facilities, or demo experiment in our suppliers' test facilities.

Installation, Training & Maintenance

We have extensive technical expertise and hand-on experience on the solutions we provide to our customers. You can rely on our local staff for installation, training and maintenance, during and after the warranty of the equipment.


We provide innovative metrology and control solutions for optical systems
that help improve the production yield and achieve better optical design and performance.
Solutions are available from micro-lenses to very large telescopes.


Automated quality control solution for lens, lens assembly, wafer lens and micro-lens array manufacturing

LENSCAN optical tag-01


Center thickness and airgap measurement solution for lens, lens assemblies and optical elements

Telescope metrology tag-01

Large Telescope Metrology

Segmented mirror positioning, adaptative optics tip/tilt, primary mirror positioning, platform alignment and levelling

Intro Background LAS Lineup full

LAS Series

High-precision Laser Alignment Station for centration & tilt test, alignment and cementing process control of lens and lens assemblies

CIVIL Engineering

We propose unique dimensional control and monitoring solutions
that allow improved maintenance and safer operation of large civil engineering projects:
bridges, dams, railways, nuclear plants, towers, tunnels,   …


Deflection and drift control & monitoring system for civil engineering


We deliver high accuracy and robust dimensional control and monitoring systems
for improved performance of nuclear research laboratories.


Alignment control & monitoring system for synchrotron and particle accelerator


We provide innovative metrology solutions for aero-engines
that allow the development of next-generation engines
with more power output, better efficiency and higher reliability.


Blade tip clearance and tip timing measurement system for aero-engine test bench


We provide innovative metrology solutions for energy turbines
that help end-users improve operation efficiency and flexibility
and allow development of new designs that generate more power and improve efficiency.


Blade tip clearance and tip timing measurement system for gas turbine test bench and health monitoring


We provide unique metrology solutions
that improve the safety and performance of modern medical devices.
Bodyangel tag-01

Body Angel

Anti-collision and location system for operation safety and surgery efficiency

LENSMAP medical tag-01


Automated quality control solution for endoscopy head manufacturing


We provide unique metrology solutions
that improve the quality, performance and yield of car components.
Capablade turbocharger tag-01


Blade tip clearance and tip timing measurement system for turbocharger test bench

LENSCAN auto tag-01


Thickness & airgap measurement system for windshield and laminated glass


We deliver high-performance customised metrology solutions
that help to improve the maintenance and availability of your defence assets.

BCS Barrel Control System

Barrel internal dimensional and quality control for maintenance of defence assets