Body Angel

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Anti-collision and location system for patient safety and surgery efficiency

  • real-time distance measurement
  • 3D measurement
  • sensor electrode layers easy to integrate into any surface 
  • X-ray transparent

Main features

Body Angel is an exclusive anti-collision and location solution for X-ray and other medial devices. It acts like a clever skin embedded into the frame of the medical device, that detect patient and medical staff body and measure their position in real time. Body Angel is used by major medical device makers worldwide.

Body Angel is composed of some antennas that include a network of sensors, and a Smartcoll electronics unit that provides signal acquisition and processing.

Key benefits

  • Real-time and high speed measurement: the sensor technology allows a continuous high-resolution measurement that allows the medical device to keep its speed and scan movement unaltered and accurately control the contouring of patient or personnel.
  • Easy integration: the sensors are contained into flexible antennas that can be customized to any OEM design. Due to the sensor technology, electrodes are X-Ray transparent and can be positioned inside the frame of the device. Body Angel can be fully integrated into C-Arms.
  • Calibration-free: Body Angel uses a patented Smartcoll technology that allows the system to stay well calibrated during the product life without any re-calibration need.
Body Angel electrode integration
Fully equipped C-Arm
Body Angel customized antennas
Smartcoll electronics

Body Angel sensors are fully customized and arranged into antennes according to the frame of the medical device. Typical working distance is 300mm.

Smartcoll electronics:

  • Up to 5 sensors and 64 electrodes per sensor
  • 20 to 100 fps
  • Anti-collision, safety, contouring, location and small object discrimination functions
  • Sensor cables up to several meters
  • RS232, RS485 interface

Body Angel is using capacitive sensor technology to measure the distance between the electrode and the body. The benefits of this technology are non-contact, speed, high resolution, and compatibility with any electrical conductive target. Capacitive sensors can measure through all types of dielectric materials (plastic cover, tissue, glass ….).

Smartcoll patented technology allows to eliminate all parasitic capacitances and make the system calibration-free. 

  • A set of electrode antennas, customized to the medical device design
  • Smartcoll electronics acquisition and processing rack
  • Cables